About Us

Tara Sipma is founder of Game On, I bring expertise in athletic management. I have worked in all aspects of sports (sales, marketing, sponsorships, camp life) for over 15 years.

I have been a part of Super Bowls, All Star breaks, and other large events. I have organized over 20 youth camps which enable youth to interact with professional athletes.

I have worked for teams, as well as professional athletes on an individual basis, marketing and promoting them and their events. Professional athletes are also promoted off the field and in their communities.


The Game On team will employ strategic, comprehensive marketing plans to drive awareness of themselves, participating athletes and sponsorship partners.do business on the run. Marketing will include all appropriate promotional avenues such as: radio, print, television, website, social media and email marketing.  Each client is individualized to ensure they have access to all the sponsorship opportunities available in their area. 

The Game On team will provide the expertise to plan and will work with you to provide a well-organized, smooth and effective experience. Our goal is for each person to reach their full potential.